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I finished my last semester of college and graduated in May. I knew I needed more relevant work experience underneath my wing before I started my hunt for a full-time job. The owners of HIVEMINDED recognized my talent and skill-set and hired me as their Design Intern. I received the opportunity to assist on many projects that pushed me to go outside of my comfort zone.


HIVEMINDED Marketing is a family and not just a job. The family atmosphere made me feel at home the second I walked into the office. The comradery was high and everyone welcomed me with open arms. During my first week, we had a “Get to Know Sally” event that was scheduled on our Google Calendar. That’s when I knew I needed this internship experience. When workers value their interns, it makes the process so much more meaningful.

Communication is also something that the employees here take seriously. I took a personality quiz that informed me about my DISC communication style. The team uses this information daily to ensure they are talking to one another in an effective manner. It’s also beneficial when having conversations with clients. For example, if someone has a D (Dominance) style, then they prefer short and sweet feedback that is straight to the point. I knew personality types were essential to keep in mind, but I never focused on how to approach and communicate with others of specific styles.


After I secured the job, I was ready to hit the ground running. Our Design Lead Parker introduced me to two projects I now had on my to-do list. Both were for a small business client. I never worked with a client before, so I was super excited. First off, I needed to make them a business card. Parker and I brainstormed some fun ideas to incorporate. This unique company is based on the “DIY” concept. They provide the plans to build various things such as tables and birdhouses. We thought of the idea of a blueprint background to showcase the concept of building your own product (toy train, table, bird house, etc.). Collaborating alongside other graphic designers helps filter out new ideas and makes creating an effective product easier. 

Throughout my time working on the business card, many eyes viewed the project to ensure I provided the best possible service to our client. I presented the draft version of the business card to the team to see what changes needed to be made before I sent it off to the client. Once I completed those edits, I emailed our client explaining my design tactics and why I thought it represented their company well. They loved the first draft and gave us the stamp of approval to send the file off to the printers.

I quickly celebrated this mini accomplishment and immediately began working on their next project: a product box for a toy train. I did lots of research before officially sketching out my ideas. I looked up different toys such as dolls, toy trains, Legos, and DIY kits for children. This allowed me to visualize how those products get displayed on the box. Certain information needed to be listed on the box (E.g. the number of pieces included), and this made it easier to recognize where they should be put on the product box. The final box needed to look cohesive and not cluttered, so starting with the research process allowed me to create a well-thought out design. I also made sure to keep in mind who the target audience was: children and parents. The product needed to appeal to both generations. Researching several toy boxes helped me create something both playful and professional.

The client and I communicated back and forth to make sure certain information made it on the box and to ensure the product design stayed consistent with their brand. I had complete artistic freedom for both projects, and I was so lucky to work with a client like that. They trusted my ideas and together we finalized the project.

Along with client work, I worked alongside the marketing team to increase our internal marketing strategies. These projects included designing a new business card, creating new sticker designs, and researching SEO for our website.


My confidence in my graphic design skills soared immensely after completing my internship. Everyone starts off thinking they aren’t good enough or not talented enough, but this experience allowed me to grow. Everyone here saw my potential and gave me the opportunity to do more with it. I learned so much throughout my internship that helped me get to this point. I not only was a part of the design team, but I worked with the marketing team as well. I used what I learned in the classroom to help me apply that knowledge in the office.

My favorite part about this internship was seeing how much clients appreciate what we provide for them. Specifically, the client I worked closely with could not stop talking about how they “loved” their new business cards. They are so passionate about the business they’re creating, and they want to share their journey with us. This may have been a project to me, but to them, it was a part of their dream that I helped become a reality.

-Sally Masucci

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