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Bridging the Gap with Knowledge

We talk with a lot of local business leaders. We’ve heard your fears, frustrations, and pain points. You know marketing is an essential business practice, but hiring an in-house marketer or partnering with an agency just isn’t in the budget. 

Hiveminded started with a simple goal – help small businesses compete with bigger businesses. To that end, and after years of feedback, we created a solution! We want to teach you how to DIY your marketing. 

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DIY Marketing: Think Like a Marketer

What you get

  • 8 weeks of material designed to develop your marketing mindset and empower you to do it yourself 
  •  Practical exercises you can immediately use in your day-to-day business without expensive software or subscriptions
  • In-person training that adapts to your unique business and growth struggles in real time

What you don't get

  • Fluff content and useless filler that waste your time
  • Lecture-style classes that don’t hold your attention 
  • Untested theories promising unrivaled innovation 
  • Excessive take-home work you won’t want to do
  • Impossibly complicated systems you can’t use
  • Boring step-by-step tasks that need updated in 6 months

Trust us, we know

Agency Fees get too Expensive for Local Businesses

They say growth is uncomfortable.

But discomfort doesn’t need to mean that you jump into a financially risky contract or try every new trend hoping something finally sticks.

When it comes to marketing, there is so much you can DIY if you understand how to think like a marketer.

Count On Us

A Marketer's Mindset

In the same way your success comes from years of industry experience, marketing skill grows with time. 

We designed this course to rebuild your marketing foundation, reveal avoidable pitfalls, and pass on the secrets of crafting powerful strategies. 

We put in the time so you don’t spend the next decade learning from costly mistakes.

Unlike task-based classes focused on mastering step-by-step processes (that change as fast as the technology,) our course unlocks a simplified and clearer way to think about marketing. 

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Ready to learn how to Think Like a Marketer?

Upcoming class information: 

  • Starts September 21st
  • Ends November 9th
  • Meet every Thursday
  • From 11:00am – 12:00pm
  • Space is limited

Shoot us a message for more info!

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