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When I first caught a glimpse of the office at Hiveminded, I immediately knew this internship would be different from any other. The desks were arranged in a way that encouraged conversation and collaboration – even my desk. Before I came in, I prepared to be stationed at some desk in the corner of the room entirely on my own. This would have felt strange to me, as I thrive working alongside others. Instead, I found my desk in a “cluster” with Max, Parker, and Sydney – our Creative Development Division. I always look forward to coming to work, partially because I get to talk to them throughout the day. Their feedback is always valuable, and I appreciate their friendship!

I was nervous on my first day, as one would expect. When I arrived, they asked me to fill out paperwork detailing my expectations and goals for the upcoming experience. While thinking through my internship goals, I was invited to gather with the team in the sitting area. Each person at the office paused their work to sit down and get to know me. They took turns asking me questions about what drew me to marketing, places I’d travelled, foods I liked, my ideal vacation, my pet peeves. We ate donuts, laughed, and poked fun at one another’s answers. I noted how much fun I was having, and I felt myself becoming more comfortable. Hiveminded has the most distinct culture of any workplace I’ve encountered thus far. It’s inviting, friendly, authentic, and badass; each of us is a visionary in our field, and we consistently challenge one another to be the best versions of ourselves. 

Quickly, I realized this is entirely normal for our Hive. It wasn’t just a performance for my first day. We take the time to know and support one another because it makes us better. It makes our work better. I feel so fortunate to be a part of an organization that truly values people. 


My days at Hiveminded never feel long or daunting – instead, they are exciting and meaningful. I’m often reluctant to leave work, as I consistently go home more inspired than when I walked in that morning. No two days at the office are ever quite the same. Although, some days have consistency – like our 10 am Client Catch Up on Mondays and our weekly Check-In on Fridays. Usually, you can find me at my desk working on projects for ours and our clients’ social media, writing blog posts for our website, doing industry research, contributing to branding/rebranding exercises, and working on multiple HubSpot certifications online. Networking, Design/Development, and SEO will also play significant roles in my internship, and I look forward to developing these skills further in the coming weeks.

Though my bachelor’s degrees will be in Political Science and English, this internship is quickly expanding my knowledge in the marketing industry. Prior to this internship, my only experience explicitly in marketing was running all marketing and public relations for my sorority for two years. I spent most of those two years teaching myself new skills, like social media management and graphic design. Although frustrating at times, I am proud of the work I did and the resilience I displayed; it made the tasks for my internship more intuitive. 

The independence I’m given at Hiveminded will help me grow as a professional and better assist my team. I suspect content writing is where my knack lies, but I’m exploring all opportunities at the moment! I am so grateful to the Hiveminded team for providing me with what might very well be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: to work for a company I genuinely admire.


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