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Meet our President of Client Relations, Frances. She is strong, kind, and always knows how to make a room full of people laugh. In fact, Frances often says humor is her love language. We love her spirit! 

Frances handles all things networking for Hiveminded, and she deeply values building relationships. If you frequent local coffee shops or restaurants, you might even run into her meeting with a potential client!

Frances is a social butterfly, and her work days are often full of surprises. Sometimes, Frances begins her day in the Hiveminded office, while others, she begins in networking meetings with other local business leaders.


When Frances is networking, she often meets people in local coffee shops or restaurants. This setting maintains an authentic feel for their meetings, and it supports local businesses in the process! This is what Hiveminded is all about.

Frances enjoys meeting with like-minded business owners across all industries, even partnering for referrals. She especially loves meeting new people, building relationships, and partnering for growth. 

If you check out Frances’ LinkedIn profile, you might notice that she meets with other marketing professionals in our city as a part of her networking process. At Hiveminded, we believe there is no such thing as competition. The best way to uplift businesses in our community is working alongside one another


When Frances is in the office, she starts her morning by saying hello to the team and sipping on some coffee or matcha. She then makes herself comfortable in her office, turning on her space heater and maybe even playing some music to get the energy going. 

Then, Frances glances at her calendar and prepares for her day by checking her tasks on HubSpot and creating a plan. These tasks range from reaching out to potential clients, following up after initial meetings, onboarding new clients, and keeping a pulse on our current clients.

Frances then reads her emails, ensuring everyone who has reached out to her receives a timely response. She also uses this time to reach out to those who she hasn’t heard from in a while. After that, she checks the business phone line, tending to ‌voicemails and missed calls.

When Frances is finished catching up on emails, phone calls, and planning her day, she then dedicates half an hour to Hiveminded’s project management platform, ensuring we are all on track to meet deadlines and our communication (both internally and externally) is sufficient. 

After completing these tasks, Frances logs into LinkedIn to research upcoming networking opportunities in our area, research new education initiatives for the Hive, and set up coffee or lunch meetings with potential clients or referral partners. Frances makes it her personal goal to speak or connect with at least five people each day.


Frances connects with people because she truly cares about them. She is most proud of herself when she brings a smile to someone’s face, especially after they’ve expressed frustration or fear. She is persistent yet patient, and we’re lucky to have her leading our team. 

After completing her morning tasks, Frances visits with each team member, checking in on their mental health and offering her help. This is a great chance for the team to connect with one another, taking a short break from their tasks. This helps facilitate our family-like atmosphere. Sometimes Frances even initiates brainstorming sessions, which inspires the team through collaboration.

Once she feels that she has further boosted everyone’s energy, Frances turns her attention to current clients and those who may become clients later on. She asks herself how she can get herself in front of them, or if she knows someone who can connect her with their business leaders. After taking time to do this, she moves on to review her “pipeline”.

Frances invests a lot of time into potential clients because she believes Hiveminded shares values like hard work, family, and community with small businesses in our area. Our mission is to support these businesses and uplift Springfield in the process. 



Among the potential clients she has already met with, she asks herself which clients need more energy. Are they each good fits for Hiveminded? Did she find out their emotionally compelling reason for change, or was it surface level? Did she gain their trust, or does she have more relationship-building to do?

This gives Frances an opportunity to constantly improve her methods, as she is always learning and brainstorming what we can do better next time. In fact, she does this a few times per week because it helps her continue to grow.

Frances ends each day by taking five minutes to journal and write down meaningful affirmations. It helps her remain focused and keeps her mind clear of distractions. She writes, “The energy of the universe is within me. I am where I need to be.”

When the end of the day arrives, Frances says goodbye to the Hiveminded team. She walks out of the office with a smile on her face, knowing that she has touched the lives of the people around her, and she is working toward a better future for her family.

(photography by Brandi at BG Studios; visit her website to learn more!)


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