Sheri Walsh

Our CEO values people and their goals. She has a talent for spotting talent.

You can trace Sheri’s professional journey through a winding path. Originally hoping to be a writer, creating ad copy was a step in the right direction. She quickly developed a knack for research and an intuitive understanding of marketing strategy. Over the last three years, she deliberately learned from experts in the industry with the intent of starting a unique marketing agency. We love her vision.

When she isn’t leading the team, she enjoys reading, writing, and learning photography with her daughter. You can expect her to offer you food, send you new songs she hopes you love, and pick up random hobbies for the thrill of learning something new.

Her friends know her best for her amazing mashed potatoes recipe, ability to make a new friend every day, and her remarkably movie-like dreams.

Want to know more? We are all friends here.

Sheri’s Phone: 417-221-4300 Ext 103