Bethany Dean

Our Vice President of Marketing and Communications is sugar and spice. She rocks gorgeous nails and can always tell fascinating murder-mystery tales.  

Bethany earned her B.S at MSU. She took a position as an unpaid intern to get marketing experience. During that time, her boss quickly pointed out that she was the hardest worker in the room. That focus fueled her climb to the top of the marketing department. We love her dedication. 

When she isn’t busy helping our customers create a solid brand identity, she enjoys spending time with her pets and visiting local breweries. You can expect her to pet every dog, know the best places to eat, and get super excited if tacos are on the menu.

Her friends know her best for her amazing smile, ability to judge cattle, and her remarkably good sense of humor. 

Want to know more? We are all friends here.

Bethany’s Phone: 417-221-4300 Ext 102